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Course Offerings

Check for additional GENDER courses through Extended Studies & Distance Education.
Available Courses:

SemesterClass #Topic                                                                          Instructor
SUMMER 16Gender 380Gendering International Development & Conflict
Jillian Foster
SUMMER 16Gender 494/594 (Workshop)Building a World-Changing Cause
Jillian Foster
SUMMER 16Gender 494 (Workshop)Women in Art, c. 1400 -Present
Hillary Carman
SUMMER 16Gender 397Fact/Fiction: Arthurian Legends
Karen Wadley
SUMMER 16Gender 397Women & Gender in Islam
Dalia Eltayeb
SUMMER 16Gender 494Sexuality in the Egyptian Cinema
Dalia Eltayeb
SUMMER 16Gender 294/494 (workshop)Fact-Fiction: Arthurian Legends
Karen Wadley
SPRING 17Gender 200Introduction to Gender Studies
Lisa McClain
FALL 16Gender 301 (online)Feminist Theory
Sarah Mawhirter
FALL 16Gender 380The Francophone Self
Benoit Leclercq
FALL 16Gender 380Victorian Literature[clear}Gautam Basu Thakur
FALL 16Gender 380Cultural Exchange in Transnat’l Lit
Reshmi Mukherjee
FALL 16Gender 380Women and the Law
Lori Hausegger
FALL 16Gender 380Post-Colonial Literature
Reshmi Mukherjee
FALL 16Gender 380Intro to Mexican-American Studies
Rosie Conley-Estrada
FALL 16Gender 380History of Women Early Mod Europe
Lynn Lubamersky
FALL 16Gender 380Sociology of Gender & Aging
Rosie Conley-Estrada
FALL 16Gender 380 (online)Sociology of Violence
John Verburg
FALL 16Gender 380Sociology of the Family
Desiree Brunette
FALL 16Gender 380Deviant Behavior
Ginna Husting
FALL 16Gender 480Women's Literature in the German Speaking World
Heike Henderson
FALL 16Gender 480Language, Gender, & Sexuality
Chris Vanderstouwe
FALL 16Gender 494Men of the North
Karen Wadley
Gender 494Muslim Spain
Dalia Eltayeb
FALL 16Gender 494Native Cultures of Southern Idaho
FALL 16Gender 494Pagan to Christian: Anglo-Saxon
Karen Wadley
FALL 16Gender 494The Muslim Brothers
Dalia Eltayeb
FALL 16Gender 494Women & Literature: Basque Authors
Oihana Andion-Martinez
FALL 16Gender 580Victorian Networks:Form, Ecology,&Aeshtetics in 19th Century
Gautam Basu-Thakur